direction */*/*/

direction */*/*/
UK [dɪˈrekʃ(ə)n] / US / UK [daɪˈrekʃ(ə)n] / US noun
Word forms "direction":
singular direction plural directions
a) [countable] the path that someone or something moves along when going towards a place

Are you sure we're going in the right direction?

change direction:

The wind has changed direction.

in a southerly/easterly etc direction (= towards the south, east etc):

The River Leadon flows in a southerly direction.

in all directions/in every direction:

The birds scattered in all directions.

in the direction of someone/something:

We drove off in the direction of the mountains.

in the opposite direction:

I'd give you a lift, but I'm going in the opposite direction.

a sense of direction (= knowing which way to go):

Michelle's always getting lost because of her terrible sense of direction.

b) the way that someone or something faces or points towards

Houses here are built facing an easterly direction.

in someone's/something's direction:

People walked by without a look in her direction.

2) directions
[plural] instructions for doing something or for getting to a place follow directions:

Remember to follow the directions on the label.

give someone directions to something:

She gave the driver directions to her house.

3) [countable/uncountable] the general development or progress of someone or something
direction of:

He was determined to change the direction of the business.

a change of direction:

He was looking for a complete change of direction.

take a direction:

Many Labour supporters are unhappy with the direction the party has taken.

4) [uncountable] the feeling of having a definite purpose
lack direction:

Your life seems to lack direction.

have a sense of direction:

He's always had a strong sense of direction.

5) [uncountable] leadership or management

Peter was responsible for the general direction of the project.

under the direction of:

The building was designed by William Kent, under the personal direction of Henry Richardson.

6) [uncountable] theatre, cinema the work of directing a film, programme, or play
7) [countable, usually singular] a point that someone or something comes from or goes to

I knew it would be pointless to expect any help from his direction.

The evidence is not conclusive, but it does point in this direction.

pull in different/opposite directions — to have different or opposite purposes that cannot be achieved together; be pulled in different/opposite directions to be in a situation in which you feel loyalty to opposing aims or people

Many of us see science and the arts as pulling in different directions.


English dictionary. 2014.

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